Campbell Black


CampbellCampbell founded Blackline in 1980 to specialize in marine composites. He has had a lifelong interest in boats and education.

In the mid 90’s he was one of several to create the new B.C. Marine Service Technician (MST) apprenticeship. Campbell is currently president of Quadrant Marine Institute and is past director of the B.C. Industry Training Authority.

As President of Blackline, he has typical corporate responsibilities and continues to focus on staff, technical development and inter-company relations.

Keith Swinney

General Manager


Keith has been with Blackline for 25 years and has been an owner for 10 years. In addition to his GM duties, Keith is the Service Manager at our facility in Canoe Cove Marina.

He is widely recognized for his strong organizational skills and ability to help guide boat owners when faced with complex repair or refinishing issues.

This is our dedicated management team. Give us a call, we are happy to advise!

Brent Jacobi

Rigging & Metal Fabrication Manager

Managing both the Rigging and the Metal Fabrication divisions of Blackline, Brent brings over 25 years of industry experience and a lifetime of sailing.

With his easy nature and his passion for boating, customers are sure to get the results that are right for them.

Matt Schinbein

Assistant Service Manager

Marine Service Technician with a composites and refinishing focus. He is an avid boater with a broad knowledge of sailing and power vessels.

Matt is the main instructor for Quadrant Marine Institute in the composites and refinishing technologies.

Cathy Ellithorpe

Office Manager

Cathy has managed the office at Blackline and its formerly associated company Current Designs for over 20 years.
She enjoys an organized and efficient office and plays a key role in keeping Blackline on track.