Seasonal Maintenance


Proper preparation is required for anti-fouling the hull of a boat, especially the first time it is applied to maintain the manufacturers’ warranties and to insure the coatings have the best possible bond.

Applying antifoul on or near aluminum requires minimally the advice of an expert, or the copper in the paint could react with the aluminum causing serious damage.

Seasonal Maintenance


Propspeed Coating

Propspeed™ is used to increase vessel performance and fuel efficiency, and is applied to rudders, propellers, shafts, bow thrusters, and trim tabs.

Barrier Coating

There are many benefits to barrier coating your hull, keel, engine leg, or other underwater parts; prevention of blisters, corrosion and rust to name a few. Blackline knows the right type of barrier coat to use for every situation and has the knowledge and procedures to make sure your boat is protected.

Window Replacement (acrylic or polycarbonate)

Installation of acrylic or polycarbonate windows requires strict adherence to proper process and significant skill. Blackline has a fantastic track record of installations with no leaks and happy customers.

Other Maintenance

Other maintenance services include zinc replacements, detailing, gel coat repairs, polishing, hardware rebedding, sourcing leaks, or anything else you need to get your boat ready for the season.


  • Propspeed™
  • Zinc replacement
  • Gel coat repairs
  • Polishing and detailing
  • Antifouling application and stripping
  • Barrier coating
  • Window replacement & rebedding
  • Sourcing leaks
  • Hardware rebedding
  • Thru-hull replacement