Kayak Repair and Refit

Blackline is proud to service the west coast kayak community. We have decades of experience in the manufacture (Current Designs kayaks) and repair of all brands of these specially designed boats. You will find our staff knowledgeable and quick to offer good guidance.

Fabrication Capabilities

In addition to rigging related projects, our talented metal fabricators are expert at producing a wide range of parts and fixtures.

Kayak Repair

  • keel reinforcing and abrasion strips (shoes)
  • structural impact repairs
  • gel coat fractures and stress cracks
  • rudder cable renewal and rudder system upgrades
  • refinishing of hulls and decks
  • replacing and resealing bulkheads
  • renewing all deck lines and hardware
  • polishing and waxing to a high standard

Blackline presents several seminars each year for kayakers to better understand and maintain their boats. Please contact us and we will be happy to inform you of our next seminar.